Value 2 U, Inc.
By Giving Value 2 U, We Bring Value 2 Ourselves
Located in Tennessee, Montana and Canada

Rebate of $500

 If you provide your own site  location, we rebate $500.



Getting Started

1. Get As Much Information You Can

We want informed distributors. Search the web. Make phone calls. Ask Questions.

Narrow down your choices and make comparative notes.

Check the facts and statistics. Call company's local chamber of commerce and Better Business Bureaus.

Ask if you can see their terminals in action in actual locations. 

2. Make an Appointment to Visit One of Our Locations, Particularly our Showroom in Tennessee. Click Below for directions to our showroom from your location.

We are particular in choosing our distributors. We consider distributors our partners. Distributors agree and adhere to our business philosophy. Go to "About Us" for more information.

3. Form of Payment

Paying Cash :
We require an initial 50% payment. The remainder is paid at installation and training.


We have a third party which provides financing for existing businesses. Go to their website: Click Here

We Provide Company Financing
In some instances, we provide company financing. Details available via telephone. Go to "Contact" for toll free number.

4. Distributor Contract Signed and Location, Installation and Training Begins

We do not publish online our distributor agreement. The secret to our success is found in that agreement and is for our distributor's eyes only.

We ask for suggestions and "Wish List" of site locations. We try to locate KIM at your chosen sites. We obviously cannot guarantee it. We do, however, place them in the highest traffic sites available.

We set the date and time for installation and our highly trained technician and trainer meet you. Training time varies from a few hours to an entire day. You also receive a manual and continued support.


The above process can take anywhere between three (3) weeks to eight (8) weeks depending upon financing etc. We prefer this process because each has the opportunity of making sure we are right for each other. However, in some cases we have a FAST TRACK which must be discussed on the phone.

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